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This is the first of our College's e-newsletters. Be on the look-out every month for a recap of recent events and announcements for upcoming events.

Now, to the news...

Baugh Wind Energy Design

We hosted our first annual semi-virtual Baugh Wind Energy Competition on Campus, October 29th. We had 5 participating teams, including one home-school group and a team from Francis Tuttle Technology Center. We awarded 3 cash prizes to our top design award-winners and gave away gifts to the tune of about $500. This was a great way to connect with high school and middle school aged students. Be on the lookout for our 2018 Baugh Wind Energy Spring Competition. Read the OC Talon coverage of the event here.

ACM Programming Contest

Our Computer Science team crushed it at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest on October 29th. Comprised of brothers Tom (senior, CS) and Jon ( sophomore, CS) Hartnet and friend, Alex Edwards (sophomore, ECE), the team placed 11th out of 67 - an amazing feat when the team was up against all universities from Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Read more...

System Team Donations

As part of a 3 semester capstone experience, our systems teams are working as hard as ever this year. We now have 11 teams (5 ME, 5 ECE, and 1 joint ME-ECE), including Niagara, a recent addition in the Mechanical Engineering department, working with Niagara Bottling Co. While our students have the good fortune of working with company sponsors for many of the teams, a few of our classic teams, like Baja and Aero, rely on funding solely through donation. If you are interested in donating to one of your old systems teams, or you are feeling very generous today, please check out the Systems Teams Donations page.

First MSCS Graduates

The Graduate School of Engineering and Computer Science saw it's first Master of Science in Computer Science graduating class, after just one year. Director of CS Advancement, David North proudly witnessed a graduating class of 37 students, including students from Tinker Air Force Base and India. OC GCECS encourages students seeking a flexible Graduate degree in Engineering or Computer Science. Read more...

Welcome BIT and SWE

We are proud to announce that OC now has an active SWE (Society of Women Engineers) chapter, along with a revitalized BIT (an ACM-affiliate) programming club. BIT has been hosting evening labs for upperclassmen to mentor underclassmen on programming assignments and personal projects, along with a few addition events like the BIT LAN Party. SWE has initiated multiple new events on campus, and will be joining the Soundings Christmas Market during Winter Wonderland Week to sell 3D-printed ornaments (pre-made and custom order) as a fundraising opportunity. For more information about 3D printed custom ornaments, contact debra.wood@oc.edu.

Herman Zeller

We are saddened by the recent passing of Herman Zeller. In the words of Wayne Whaley, "Herman Zeller was a machinist and craftsman who knew how to build anything out of metal or wood. When I joined the OC mechanical engineering faculty in 1989, Herman had been with OC for a few years after retiring from his life-long career as a machinist. He was instrumental in the development of the Manufacturing Lab. In addition to being a master craftsman, Herman also became a master teacher. In his quiet, unassuming way, he taught students and faculty alike how to use the various machines of manufacturing. Herman's mark on OC engineering is recognized in every OC mechanical engineering graduate." Click here to for Herman's obituary.

Advisory Board

We are currently seeking Math, Computer Science, and Engineering (Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical) graduates to serve on our College’s Advisory Board. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact kelly.cox@oc.edu for details. 5+ years of industry experience preferred.

Eagle for a Day - campus Visits

We have had 5 Eagle for a Day campus visits (previously known as Campus Connect) so far this semester. November 21st will bring a visit just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays, and November 30th will combine the campus visit day with Winter Wonderland Holiday festivities - a magical treat for campus visitors. To learn ore about Eagle for a Day, or to register a student for a visit, click here.

Spooky Halloween Fun

The CECS Office Administrator, Roseline Haulsey kept our Halloween spirits alive this year, hosting a Halloween costume contest on October, 31st. 4 prizes (giant cauldrons of candy) were awarded to the best group costume, spookiest costume, funniest costume, and most original costume. Click here to see the various costumes, including Miss Frizzle, cousin Eddie from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and... that guy with a real pumpkin for a head!

Upcoming Events

Winter Wonderland Week: Nov. 28th - Dec. 3rd. This includes Cocoa and Carols and Lighting of the Commons. See the Events Calendar for more details.
OC CECS Ugly Sweater, White Elephant, and Christmas Donations: Nov. 28th - Dec 3rd. We will be hosting our first annual ugly sweater contest on Dec 1, along with a white elephant gift exchange for the week of Nov 28 - Dec 3. We will also be accepting gift donations for local foster children. Please contact roseline.haulsey@oc.edu for more details on the events and donations.
December Commencement:The Fall 2016 graduation for the GSECS is at 2:30 on Friday, December 16 in Hardeman Auditorium. A reception prior to this hallowed event starts at 1:30 in the Macintosh Conservatory. Pictures of each graduating class will be taken in the Adams Recital Hall at 2:00 pm. We are expecting 35 MSCS grads and 56 MSE grads.