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STEMinar - Mary Sue Moore "Christian Women in STEM"

Thursday, March 23 6pm - 8pm

ECE Chapel

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BIT Chapel

Every other Wednesday, beginning Jan 18 *subject to change

SWE Chapel

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Baugh Wind Energy Competition 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Now, to the news...

STEMinar - Mary Sue Moore

Mary Sue Moore is the Principal Business Architect for Asurion, Nashville Tennessee. Experience as a Process Definition Consultant, Project Manager, Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, and Developer. Mary will address the topic of "Christian Women in STEM" as she shares her story and experiences.

Free Lecture
Hardeman Auditorium at 6:30pm

Oklahoma Christian University
2501 E. Memorial Road
Edmond, Oklahoma 73013

BIT Continues Chisholm Elementary School Service

OC BIT Club, the OC Chapter of ACM, hosted the second annual Chisholm Elementary School service project. This project allows OC students of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department to mentor the Chisholm students during their "Hour of Code," an international effort to engage younger students with basic computer science principles. Over the span of a week, 17 OC students assisted fourth graders at Chisholm with "Scratch" projects. Scratch is a graphical programming environment that educates early programmers about the concepts of programming. The Chisholm students were very familiar with Scratch tools, so the OC volunteers took on roles similar to project managers and strategists.

"I liked working with the OC students because I had a few games that I couldn't get past.  They helped me achieve that." - Meagan Edwards, Chisholm Fourth Grader

"My kids were geniuses and they loved the dragon sprites. They understood the functionality of Scratch and what tools were available to them, so my role was more of a strategist. I helped them figure out the necessary tools and operations needed to create their dragon masterpieces. It was a wonderful experience." - Dee Dee McCroskey, OC Computer Science Major

The experience with OC mentors was valuable to the Chisholm students who typically have limited access to one-on-one programming time with a tutor. As programming continues to permeate everyday life, the skill becomes more an more necessary to young students. However, the experience was equally valuable to the OC volunteers, as they learned to effectively communicate with the younger students to achieve the students' project goals.

Pi Day

Due to the unfortunate annual scheduling of Spring Break, the College of Engineering and Computer Science has been prevented from celebrating Pi Day for years. This year, we decided to take matters into our own hands with "Pseudo Pi Day," a pre-Pi Day event full of, you guessed it, pies! With over 15 participating Faculty/Staff bakers and 20+ pies, we served students pie and celebrated Pi Day just in time to send them home, sugared-up, for Spring Break. Next year, we anticipate even more pies and participation, as the event was certainly a student (and Faculty) favorite!

Team Tennis Ballers (SAE Aero) Score 5th Place!

The OC aircraft design team finished 5th in international competition out of 34 teams at the SAE Aero Design West flight event held in Fort Worth, TX this past weekend, March 10-12. The field of 34 student-teams represented universities from the U.S., Canada, Egypt, India, and Mexico. China and Poland also competed, but in other classes. Competitors presented an oral technical description in front of judges (OC placed 2nd and each team member received a medal on the winner’s stage), submitted a written design package (OC placed 5th), and flew their aircraft (OC placed 6th in the flying event). 

The OC aircraft, ‘Nina’, carried 27 passengers (tennis balls) and their baggage (1/2 pound of steel plate per passenger) during each of four successful flights. ‘Nina’ is student designed and built with a red wing and white ‘Oklahoma Christian’ letters. ‘Nina’ is limited by the competition to just one kilo-watt of power which is a fraction of the normal power an RC aircraft of the same weight as ‘Nina’ would have. The limited power and shortened runway of 200 feet results in a very tough design challenge. 

OC competed in Regular class to fly the most passengers and baggage each flight.  Penalties were accessed if seats were not filled and OC did not incur any penalties. Team Lead, Marina Pendleton, and Technical Lead, Joshua Hartman, gave an exceptional technical presentation and were applauded by the judges. The mechanical engineering team [shown in the above photo, post-inspection], "Tennis Ballers," also includes Mitch Barron, Ben Griffith, Layne Hammer, Ian McElfresh, Wesley Shepherd, and Jordan VanBuskirk, and junior Fredrick Akuamoah. The Team was sponsored by Niagara Bottling (Mr Jim Utley), and OC SGA. Faculty Mentor for the Tennis Ballers, Brad Buxton, could not have been more pleased with the team's performance:

"I am very proud of this team both on and off the flying field. They were the first team to fly each time and the judges recognized them for their preparation and motivation. In the morning of the last day of flying they worked in the dark with flash lights to get ‘Nina’ ready to fly on time when it was cold enough to see your breath. "

The team overcame many other obstacles: during the first flight ‘Nina’ failed to get airborne in the 200 foot required so our exceptional pilot, Mark Hartman, kept her on the ground. The ground crew, including Mitch Barron, quickly carried Nina back to the starting point in time for Mark to get her in the air on the second attempt resulting in a successful flight. During the fourth flight, the team could not get ‘Nina’ down the runway and had to abort.  The team diagnosed the problem and found a loose antenna wire on the radio-receiver. They fixed it and successfully flew the next day during round five. During round six a tough crosswind made landing very difficult and ‘Nina’ did not have all three tires on the runway when she crossed the limit-line resulting in disqualification for that round, but ‘Nina’ was not alone as the top three teams failed during that round as well. OC battled back and forth with the team from India, but they squeaked out fourth place just ahead of us with one of the few successful flights during the last round. A Canadian team took third and it was impressive to see the international teams fly into the States and compete so well: a real accomplishment.

Overall, it was a great competition and the team really enjoyed representing OC with a strong top-five finish during OC's second year back in the international design, build, and fly competition.  The judges remarked several times how the OC team’s performance really impressed them. We couldn’t be more proud of our OC engineering students.

Baugh Wind Energy Competition 2018

Baugh Wind Energy Design Competition

Saturday, February 10, 2018
Oklahoma Christian University

You can change the world! Oklahoma Christian University, with the help of Dr. Benton Baugh, is seeking creative minds to design the wind turbines of tomorrow. Are you up to the challenge?

The contest is open to Middle School and High School teams. Deadline for Registration: Friday, December 8, 2017. For questions and concerns, contact Kelly Cox at kelly.cox@oc.edu or call 405.425.5467.