Preaching Scholarships

To Audition for a Preaching Scholarship:

No later than February 15th, complete all of the steps below.

1. If you have not already done so, fill out the New Student Bible Major Scholarship Application

2. Have a church leader fill out the Student Recommendation Form. To request a form, please contact Dr. Doug Peters at

3. Submit a one-page sermon synopsis containing the following:

  • One primary biblical text.
  • A Focus Statement - a short description of the central theme of the sermon - what the sermon is about.
  • A Function Statement - a short description of the desired change in the hearers - what the sermon aims to do.
  • A brief outline of the introduction, main body (points or moves), and conclusion.

4. Submit an 8-10 minute video of the applicant preaching the sermon described in the one-page synopsis. 

Note: Please email your one-page sermon synopsis and link to YouTube video of your sermon to Dr. Doug Peters at

Preaching Scholarships combined with Bible and Academic Scholarships:

 Academic Scholarship  Preaching  Bible  Annual Total
 Founders' Scholarship  $11,000  $5,120  $3,000  $19,120 
 Presidents' Scholarship   $9,000  $3,000  $2,000  $14,000
 Dean's Scholarship  $6,000  $3,000  $3,000  $12,000
 Eagle Scholarship  $4,000  $3,000  $2,560  $9,560 

The total award for individual students may be adjusted based on amount available in endowed scholarship funds.