Learning Modules

Introduction to Children’s Ministry  

  • Children in the Bible
  • Children of Today - Connecting with Kids
  • The Role of a Children's Minister
  • Leadership and Administration
  • Challenges in Children's Ministry
  • Tough Topics in Children's Ministry

Teaching Preschool Children 

  • The Importance of Biblical Training in Early Education
  • Teaching Babies: Methodology, Curriculum, Manipulatives
  • Staffing and Special Issues for a Nursery Program
  • Understanding Children 2- 5 Years
  • Teaching Preschoolers
  • Staffing and Special Issues for Preschoolers

Teaching Elementary Children 

  • The Importance of Biblical Training in Elementary Education
  • Teaching Lower Elementary (Pre K - 2nd Grade)
  • Teaching Upper Elementary (3rd - 5th Grade)
  • What to do with 6th Grade?
  • Classroom Management
  • Special Events for Elementary Children
  • Spiritual Development of Children 
  • Personal Faith Journey
  • Faith Formation in Children
  • Role of the Church
  • Role of Parents
  • Children in Worship

Volunteers and Staff in Children’s Ministry 

  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Retrain Volunteers
  • Retain Volunteers
  • Reward Volunteers
  • Retire Volunteers
  • Staff Relationships

Safety and Security 

  • Legal Considerations in Ministry
  • Risk Management - Property Protection
  • Risk Management - Sexual Misconduct
  • Emergency Preparation and Response
  • Volunteer and Staff Training and Screening
  • Developing Policies and Procedures

Curriculum Development for Children’s Ministry 

  • Helping Kids Make the Shift from Believing the Bible to Loving it
  • Age Level Biblical Understandings
  • Understanding Learning Styles and Preferences
  • Writing Lesson Plans, Objectives and Outcomes
  • Creativity in the Classroom
  • Adapting Curriculum for Children with Special Needs

Ministering to Children Across Cultures

  • All the Children of the World
  • Mission Approaches to Teaching Children
  • Short Term Mission Trips and Children
  • Ministering to Third Culture Kids 
  • Inner City Ministry 
  • An Intergenerational Culture in Ministry

Ministry to the Disabled Child 

  • What Defines and Disability and Why Minister to People with Disabilities?
  • Theology of Suffering and Disability
  • Major Challenges of the Church and Ministering to the Disabled
  • Starting a Disability Ministry in the Church
  • Ministering to Children and Teens with Special Needs
  • Making Sense of Autism

Connecting Children, Families and the Church

  • Meeting the Needs of Today’s Families 
  • Turning your Nursery into an Outreach Program 
  • Creating Parent Education Programs 
  • Connecting Faith to the Home 
  • Ministering to Families in Crisis 
  • Intentional Intergenerational Ministry