B.S. Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences


71 hours

The major consists of three years of university work plus 12 months of clinical training in a hospital lab school of medical technology accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. OC has affiliation agreements with a number of such schools. Acceptance into the clinical program will be determined by the affiliated hospital.

An OC graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology will:

  1. Be prepared for graduate level studies in Medical Technology or entry-level positions in the field of Medical Technology.
  2. Be able to think critically and have acquired a fundamental framework of knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, and life-science applications that will withstand the rapid evolution of modern lab techniques critical in medical practice.
  3. Have acquired a fundamental knowledge of clinical practices through intensive clinical training.
  4. Have developed a sense of absolute integrity governing lab medicine and mature Christian attitudes towards scholarship, intellectual honesty, and ethical conduct that promote a life-long appreciation for learning.

Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours including the major, core, and minor if required. Elective hours may be needed to reach 126 hours. 

15 hours chemistry 

4 hours electives selected from 

12 hours upper division biology

4 hours electives selected from 

3 hours algebra 

3 hours science seminar 

Elective hours to total of 96 hours 

Complete 30 hours clinical training 

Note: Transfer students must complete at least 30 hours (two semesters) at OC to be eligible to enroll in the clinical training courses.

During your participation in the clinical year of the medical technology program, your scholarships will be replaced by a med tech scholarship equal to the cost of full-time oC tuition, minus the cost of the medical technology program fee

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