Interior Design

Program Philosophy

The Interior Design program at Oklahoma Christian University is committed to integrating faith and learning, educating students for professional excellence, equipping them to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and instilling a spirit of ministry and service to the community and the world.

Program Mission

OC's Interior Design program equips students to be critical, creative, and analytical thinkers, employing technical skills, innovative problem solving, and the ability to execute design concepts and solutions effectively. It provides practical, relevant instruction, advocating professionalism, integrity, and service to others in the design profession.

Oklahoma Christian University is committed to excellence in and out of the classroom and recognizes the importance of evaluation procedures that require high standards suited to a particular area of study. OC also values faith, scholarship, integrity, stewardship, and liberty, while encouraging its community of students and faculty alike to engage in lifelong learning.

Oklahoma Christian is a liberal arts university, engaging students in multidisciplinary studies through general education course work, in addition to their major fields of study. Students are exposed to a variety of professors with varying fields of expertise, personalities, and teaching methodologies. The faculty’s diversity allows students to interact and communicate more effectively in a global market. Bible classes are also a part of the required curriculum, re-emphasizing that OC is a higher learning community that transforms lives for Christian faith, scholarship, and service. To fulfill that mission, the university will:

  1. Glorify God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit while affirming that the Bible is the inspired revelation of God’s will and upholding Christian standards of conduct.
  2. Integrate faith and learning in every aspect of the university’s work and champion the truths of Christianity while encouraging free, responsible investigation in scholarly pursuits, in accordance with the university’s mission.
  3. Focus on outstanding teaching while mentoring and nurturing students both inside and outside the classroom.
  4. Advocate the liberal arts and uphold them as a critical foundation of education.
  5. Educate for professional excellence while instilling a spirit of ministry and service.
  6. Cultivate a global perspective in order to prepare students for life in a complex, demanding, and changing global community.
  7. Nurture a climate for excellence in every aspect of the university’s work.

How well do our graduates do? Read the official report:

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Any questions about Interior Design? Contact Amy Beauchamp.