Gaming + Animation

Gaming is BIG Business

Larger than the film industry and the music industry, gaming is a $137.9 billion dollar market. Gamers hungry for new challenges want more and OC is training artists, strategists and programmers to meet that demand.

Aspiring game artists and animation students join our top-rated program to learn the tools and principles used by the animation and game development industries. Students develop social bonds with fellow Gaming + Animation students through studio and conference field trips, classroom critiques, and exploring animation and game development career opportunities.

Learn the technology and art of video game design and animation (traditional, 3d, and experimental animation) with a Gaming + Animation degree. Explore contemporary techniques and genres covering 3d modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and game production. Study the history of film, video, and animation for a comprehensive look at today's market.

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Industry-leading hardware and software

Gain hands-on experience on our Cox Communications Digital Lab, two mixed media studios and virtual reality lab. See the full list of hardware and software.

Top 50 nationally in video game design. Best in Oklahoma.

pc-gamer-2018For students interested in a career in video game design, there is only one school in Oklahoma among the top 50 in the country. Oklahoma Christian University has enjoyed seven years on the list of top undergraduate gaming design programs by The Princeton Review and PC Gamer magazine. 

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