• Stencil Littleton

    Oklahoma City, OK

    "Don't give up, don't ever give up. God has a plan for all of you and it's a good plan."

  • Troy Tippeconnic

    Chicago, IL

    "If I could change one thing about the world, it would be for everyone to be themselves. It doesn't matter where you are from, we are all just a kid from somewhere. Don't hide, dont shy away, and don't be scared of your full potential - by being great you allow other people to be great."

  • Jonathan Johnson

    Public Relations
    Roseville, CA

    "If you really want something, you have to work extra hard to get it. Know your own self-worth, know what you’re good at and know that the Lord has a plan. Do what you’re capable of and the Lord will take care of the rest."

  • Kiana Foreman

    Richmond, VA

    "My mom always said, 'You will not always have to suffer for your faith, but you will always be called to sacrifice.' It's okay to be comfortable but it's not okay to just sit back and let things happen. You have to go out in the world, you have to be uncomfortable."

  • Sugeely Villaman

    Medical Laboratory Science
    Mesa, AZ

    "The best advice I've ever received is from Jim Leach: 'Be patient, Be thankful, Be an influence, Don't lose focus,Keep the faith, Look for new opportunities, and do not worry, let God do all the worrying.'"

  • Keawe Bridges

    Computer Design
    Oklahoma City, OK

    "A christian rap artist named Lecrae said, 'If you live for their acceptance, you'll die from their rejection.' That was a big thing for me because I felt like an outsider a lot and I always try to do stuff to be accepted. Just be the person God made you to be."

  • Gary Jones

    Multicultural & Service Learning Coordinator
    Benton Harbor, MI

    "There are some things in life that just are the right 'fit'. For me, OC is the right 'fit'. The reality of who OC is, coupled with what OC could become, allows me to have purpose, mission, and value at OC. I can freely pursue my calling in an environment that encourages the pursuit."

  • Elijah Weaver

    Moore, OK

    “My pops always told me, ‘Be part of the solution not the problem.’ If I could change one thing about the world, it would be giving people dignity in their differences. That doesn’t mean going out just full tolerance, but showing people they are children of God. And that starts with me trying to realize that because I’m still working on that.”

  • August Cronin

    Elementary Education
    Celina, TX

    "One time, during Earn Your Wings, I was just dancing like everyone does before all the freshmen came in and I ripped my pants all the way down the seam. That was super embarrassing."

  • Travis Pauley

    Creative Media/Video
    Detroit, MI

    “My Dad’s always told me, ‘Happiness is when you want to do what you have to do.’ God is going to throw things at us, but when we find ourselves wanting to do what we have to do … that’s when I’ve been my happiest. I don’t know too much about it since I’m only 20, but that’s definitely been one of the most valuable things I’ve picked up on.”

  • Kaydee Kenne

    Sherman, TX

    "I feel God’s peace out here in the trees."

  • 2nd Lt. Jonathon Gause

    Mechanical Engineering
    De Pere, WI

    "Find what you think God is needing you to do in any particular situation and do it. That's all that matters."

  • Ben Meaders

    Troutdale, OR

    "This sounds super 'Disney' but my advice is to just be you. People spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think, but the reason I have enjoyed school so much is because I don't care about that."

  • Jenny Dahl

    Norcross, GA

    "Don't let your convictions of success take over your art."

  • Haley Waldo

    Communication Design
    Edmond, OK

    "I would really love to adopt some day. There are a lot of hurting kids in the world and that is one area I would like to change. I'm not really sure how, but I'd love to influence kids who don't have a great home life."

  • Dr. Jim Baird

    "I’ve seen love in action. The people sitting next to you are your treasures in Heaven. When you do things in love to help them be part of God’s kingdom - the reality that God is bringing through Jesus Christ - that’s forever, that’s significance. That will never ever pass away."

  • Jabbarri Jones

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Music. It lifts my spirit, and without music, I don't know how I would make it through different events in my life, like in July when I lost my Mom. It helps me not give up."

  • Dr. Harold Fletcher

    OC's first faculty member

    "Music is both an intellectual experience and an emotional one. Now don't get me wrong; I get those chills down the spine like anyone else. But music is sound, and its aesthetic value is sound in all its forms."