William Simpson


Bill Simpson knows a secret, but it’s one he wants to share with the world.

The Paducah, Kentucky, resident calls Oklahoma Christian University “one of the best-kept secrets in Christian higher education.”

A self-described “semi-retired” pharmacist, Simpson is a member of the Oklahoma Christian Board of Trustees, and both of his children attended college on the OC campus. His involvement, however, goes even further than his contributions of time and effort to Oklahoma Christian’s board.

Since 1994, Bill and his wife Marilyn have invested more than half a million dollars in Bible scholarships for deserving OC students.

Oklahoma Christian first caught Simpson’s attention in the mid-1960s when he got to know some of the campus leaders. Later, he saw how effective the school had been in producing preachers. It is a tradition he wants to maintain.

“I just think there is a need to train preachers, train young men to preach...that’s a big mission.”

The University is proud to partner with Bill and Marilyn in such a big mission and in sharing the story of this "best-kept secret" with the world.