Raymond Kelcy


One corridor of the Williams-Branch Center for Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University is named in honor of Raymond Kelcy, who served as the chairman of the Bible Department from 1962 until his death in 1986.

After a distinguished preaching career in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Kelcy began teaching part-time at Central Christian, commuting from Tulsa to Bartlesville two days a week. His strong analytical mind made him a natural for the classroom. He was an outstanding teacher because he was such a profound thinker. He set a powerful example for students and for the community by his respect for divine authority and by his tireless search of the Scriptures to know the whole will of God.

His preaching and teaching modeled a workable hermeneutics. Even while he was serving as chairman of the Bible Department and teaching full-time, he continued to preach for a local congregation where many students attended so they could have a chance to hear his preaching and have a chance to talk with him about great and pressing spiritual issues.

Kelcy was never afraid of investigating any issue. No matter how firmly he stood in a position, he was willing to re-examine the basis for that position. His analytical mind had the rare capacity to entertain differing and conflicting views and interpretations. His openness in working with Scripture encouraged many people to become more serious Bible students and to be more accepting of the ideas communicated in Scripture.

Raymond Kelcy earned the respect of many through his writing and his preaching, and he did much to strengthen the reputation of Oklahoma Christian as a sound and conservative place where young people could learn.