Ray Vaughn


Ray Vaughn epitomized the Christian coach. Serving on the faculty from 1958 until his death in 1980, Ray established the highest standards of character and athletic performance for Oklahoma Christian’s varsity programs. His exceptionally rigorous training schedule each day for his track and field teams forced athletes to stretch their limits and to fulfill their potential.

A quiet and perceptive observer of every workout, he knew his teams and gave each person special attention and coaching. Although he respected athletic ability and personal determination, he valued character and moral strength even more.

His strong personal faith motivated and directed his whole life, and he mastered the art of helping young people understand the significance of spiritual realities. He inspired respect, honor and devotion in those he taught and coached because every word he spoke had the ring of authenticity.

In 1970, he was elected to the NAIA Hall of Fame. In 1991, he was part of the inaugural class to the Oklahoma Christian Athletic Hall of Fame. In 1999, his wife, Sue, and his children, Ray Vaughn, Jr., and Lynn Mitchell were present when Ray Vaughn was among the first Master Teachers inducted into Oklahoma Christian’s Faculty Hall of Fame.