Max Dobson


With honors such as coaching the Eagle baseball team to third place in the NAIA World Series (‘72), the Gaylord Chair of Distinguished Teaching (‘75), Sooner Athletic Conference Coach of the Year (‘81, ‘84, ‘85), District 9 Athletic Administrator of the Year (‘90), induction into the NAIA Athletic Hall of Fame (‘95) and the Oklahoma Christian University Faculty Leadership Award (‘99), Dr. Max Dobson is truly one who has made a difference at Oklahoma Christian and in the lives of countless students.

Max Dobson joined Oklahoma Christian in 1966 as instructor of physical education. During the next three decades, he spent time as baseball coach, women’s basketball coach, and athletic director. In 1993, Dobson resigned as A.D. to focus more on his role as the chairman of the Physical Education Department.

An innovative teacher, Dr. Dobson always has taken teaching physical education out of the college classroom and into the lives of children. Children of faculty and staff members remember his PE majors teaching them a variety of physical activities when they were kids - doing gymnastics, jumping on a trampoline, running, climbing ropes, racing on scooters and walking on stilts during special evening classes.

Many remember the special play area he built west of the gymnasium for handicapped children to receive individualized instruction and exercise. Max’s work has greatly benefited the community. He has worked closely with countless physically and mentally challenged children, and he has trained hundreds of his OC students to work with them as well. Many of Max’s graduates are now working in school districts serving physically and mentally challenged students and their families.

Although not alumni themselves, Max and his late wife, Ramona, raised their three children in OC’s community, and all received their degrees here.

Max Dobson may be best known on campus and in the larger arena of collegiate sports as a man of impeccable character with an insistence on fairness and honesty. He has a reputation of taking charge and following through to accomplish any task - qualities that have served him well as a coach, teacher and leader. He took what Ray Vaughn had begun in Oklahoma Christian’s athletic program and built it into both a formidable competitor and a tool of service to our students and community.