Josephine Freede


The word “philanthropist” is an English derivative of the Greek word “philanthropos,” meaning “loving people.” By that definition, Jose Freede is truly a philanthropist.

A self described “perfectionist,” Jose Freede has accomplished much in the world of volunteerism. One publication even called her the “million dollar volunteer,” referring to the money she has raised for worthy causes around the world. Her honors are too numerous to list. She has served on countless boards and continues to volunteer her time and money to non-profit organizations, including Oklahoma Christian University.

Oklahoma Christian awarded Mrs. Freede an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree in 1995 in recognition of her lifelong commitment to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Oklahoma City, for the goodwill she has generated for Oklahoma Christian within Oklahoma City, and for her dedication to the ideals of patriotism and responsible citizenship through her involvement with Enterprise Square, USA.

In recognition of the outstanding support Oklahoma Christian has received from Mrs. Freede, the university established the Freede Administration Center, in honor of her late husband, Dr. Henry J. Freede. The Freede Centennial Tower, one of the new landmarks on campus, bears her name.

Oklahoma Christian could not survive without philanthropists. To the university, “philanthropist” means so much more than “donor.” It means “people loving people.” Jose Freede represents the best in philanthropy.