Jess Straton


Jess Stratton liked to call himself a rancher from the short grass country. He had long been a stalwart at Clinton Church of Christ and was a wise and caring elder. He first came on the board of Oklahoma Christian in 1955, and served from then until his death in 1990.

For most of those years he was vice-chairman of the board. In that capacity, he served on a variety of important committees and participated in critical decisions. His work in the National School Boards Association, even as president of that association, gave him many experiences that were helpful to a growing college.

Stratton was a great storyteller and often embellished board meetings with his remembrances. These were valuable as a means of transmitting the heritage of Oklahoma Christian to those coming at a later time and often provided some humor to break the tension.

Jess Stratton represents those strong church leaders who pioneered in establishing a Christian college in Oklahoma and in setting it on its course.