J. E. Wright


J.E. Wright was one of those stalwarts of the Church of Christ in eastern Oklahoma who was highly respected as an elder, a teacher and a Christian businessman. He became involved in the early efforts to establish a Christian college in Oklahoma. Wright was among the group that studied the possible development of a school in Pryor and then was on the first Board of Trustees at Central Christian College.

He was involved in many of the monumental early decisions: selecting the location in Bartlesville as the first site of the college, choosing L.R. Wilson as the first president and helping with those difficult funding decisions as the school began.

Wright provided a valuable link for the young college to its Tulsa constituency, and he continued to serve in that capacity even after the move to Oklahoma City. He was a generous contributor, a great board member and a man of vision who provided important leadership in the critical early years. He served on the board until 1984.