Howard Leftwich


Howard Leftwich chaired the Oklahoma Christian business department for 16 years. He authored books on business and free enterprise. He developed all the economic content for Enterprise Square USA.

But ask him what pleases him most about his teaching career on our campus, and Dr. Leftwich points to his former students.

“That would be easy,” he said. “That would be the stature that so many of our graduates have in the business world today.”

Dr. Leftwich is credited with developing Oklahoma Christian’s business program into an award-winning and highly-recognized source of quality business professionals. His leadership helped build a first-class accounting program that now boasts many graduates in executive-level positions.

“We’ve had a lot of non-accountants who are executives, too, but the biggest single successes have been in producing CPAs and people who have become high-level accountants,” Dr. Leftwich said.

A CPA himself, Dr. Leftwich joined the OC faculty in 1967 after working for the firm of Ernst and Ernst for nearly a decade. At Oklahoma Christian, he served as chairman of the Business Department from 1975 to 1991. Among the honors he earned were the Gaylord Chair of Distinguished Teaching Award and the Merrick Award. In 2010, OC honored Dr. Leftwich as an honorary alumnus.

In 1994, Dr. Leftwich and his wife, Marilyn, were honored at the 21st Annual Spring Dinner Program. He retired in 1996.