G. R. Tinius


When the first rumblings about starting a Christian college in Oklahoma began, G.R. Tinius, from Tulsa, was one of the first to hear them. He was among the initial group of temporary trustees appointed on June 4, 1946, to consider founding a Christian college in Pryor, Oklahoma. After a thorough study, this group decided that, while the former army site in Pryor was not a good location, they wanted to continue exploring possibilities in Oklahoma. Tinius was among the eight men appointed to a location steering committee and was elected chairman.

After a series of regional meetings to test the waters, the steering committee decided there was sufficient interest to proceed. Twelve more men were added to the group, now called a tentative board, with Tinius still serving as president. One of the first actions of this board was to appoint Tinius as a full-time field manager to raise an initial capital fund of $250,000 so that when a site could be found, some money would be in hand.

Tinius was involved in all of the early decisions about the new school: the decision to purchase the 152-acre Foster estate in Bartlesville; the selection of the first president, L.R. Wilson; and the raising of the initial funds to get the new school going.

At considerable personal sacrifice, G.R. Tinius served as an unflinching supporter in the school’s earlygoing. He served on the Board of Trustees until his resignation due to ill health in November 1955.