Edward C. Joullian III


Ed Joullian was present at the move to Oklahoma City more than 40 years ago when he witnessed the groundbreaking of the university that would rise out of the flat prairie of north Oklahoma City.

“Oklahoma Christian was brought to my attention by C.A. Vose and Edward L. Gaylord,” Joullian recalled. “Through their efforts, I became involved, and I learned much about the goals and desires to provide an educational opportunity in a religious setting.”

Thus began a 50-year relationship between Oklahoma Christian and Joullian, now the chairman and CEO of Mustang Fuels Corporation. Joullian served as chairman of Oklahoma Christian’s Board of Governors and was awarded the university’s first honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1990 for his longstanding support of the university.

On the occasion of OC’s 50th anniversary in 2000, with the university about to embark on another half-century of history, Joullian said he expected Oklahoma Christian to remain committed to its mission to provide religious and educational leadership.

“The continuing effort to teach and inspire students to respect and participate in the free enterprise system is most important,” he said. “Oklahoma City is fortunate to have such an educational institution located within its environs. I envision the university becoming more involved in community affairs and providing leadership to those elements that are necessary to sustain a dynamic and growing economy in a Christian environment.”