Darvin Keck


How do you sum up a 32-year career of educating Oklahoma Christian students? You can put a number on it, but there’s more to it than that, says Dr. Darvin Keck, who served a long tenure as chairman of the science department.

“I kept my grade books back to about 1962 and did a little extrapolating and figured I had had 8,000 students in my classes,” he said.

That’s the number. Darvin looks at it and sees something more personal.

“Many of them are important people,” he said of his former students. “I don’t know if they got anything from me, but I did from them.”

Darvin was the recipient of the Gaylord Chair of Distinguished Teaching in 1976, and upon his retirement in 1988, he was honored with the Distinguished Service Award.

His long association began on the Bartlesville campus in 1956. “We had 120 full-time students and were on the way downhill when the decision was made to move the school to Oklahoma City,” he recalled.

That move sparked a growth in students and facilities that Darvin said is most impressive when those humble beginnings are contrasted with today’s bustling campus.

His advice for the future? Plan for continued growth, but don’t lose touch with those roots, Darvin said.

“When you get to a certain size, if you are not careful, you lose some things that you had when you were smaller,” he said. “Be careful not to lose those things that we had when we were smaller.”