C. A. Vose


He liked what he saw. And if Charles A. Vose hadn’t liked what he saw in a fledgling institution called Central Christian College, the trajectory of the school might have gone astray ... or might never have gone anywhere at all.

When the college moved to Oklahoma City in 1958, its founders were tirelessly hitting the pavement and beating the bushes raising capital from churches, individuals and businesses to build the new campus. While that was going on, contractors continued laying the foundations for buildings on the 200-acre prairie. When the money ran out, the Board of Trustees voted to seek a loan. Dr. George Benson had a relationship with C.A. Vose, president of First National Bank and Trust Co. in Oklahoma City. Because of this relationship, Vose became familiar with Oklahoma Christian and joined the group of Oklahoma City civic leaders who would support it. He was so impressed that he approved the loan right away, enabling those first buildings to be completed in time for classes in the fall of 1958.

In 1973, President James O. Baird awarded C.A. Vose with the Distinguished Service Medallion, praising him for his longstanding support of the aims and purposes of quality higher education and for his efforts to strengthen the moral fiber of society.