C.A. Buchanan


C.A. Buchanan is an outstanding businessman who early in his career proved himself such an able manager that he played a key role in the development of a major retailing outlet company in the Southwest. His enthusiasm and his vision had led to his directing the development of new shopping centers for TG&Y.

At the peak of his business career in 1962, Buchanan was named an Oklahoma Christian trustee. For the next 15 years, he was actively involved in helping the university strengthen its financial position by making investments in lands and properties that were developed as commercial centers. In addition to that special guidance, he served as a strong voice encouraging the dynamic expansion of the university. A man of peace and a source of constant encouragement, Buchanan stressed the importance of close harmony between the trustees and the administration so the university could grow and develop while still remaining close to its church foundations.

He continued to be a strong advocate for sound economic decision-making on the part of the university. His many years on the executive committee of the board gave him a role of influence that led to major expansion and the building of many key facilities on the campus. He was mentor and friend to two presidents as well as many teachers and staff members at Oklahoma Christian.