Bob Rowland


Bob Rowland had a passion for economic education. He had a vision for a center that would bring thousands of students and educators to the Oklahoma Christian campus each year to learn concepts of citizenship and economics.

Rowland came to OC in 1971 as president of the campus-based American Citizenship Center. He educated thousands, but saw the possibilities for reaching even more.

“I was conducting Freedom Forums and seminars in a five-state area, and I would reach maybe 5,000 students and teachers a year,” Bob recalled. “I thought, ‘What if you built yourself a museum of some kind, an educational attraction that would attract that many or more each month, year round?’ “

The vision became reality in 1982, when Enterprise Square USA, opened, offering economic education and history in a unique venue located on campus. Rowland was its first executive director.

Although he retired in 1990, Bob looks back at the impact of Enterprise Square on economic education with a special pride. When educators brought classes to the center, students often were tested before and after their visit.

“We would see those scores jump from a 25 to 30 percentile average to a 65 to 70 percentile, doubling their scores nearly every time,” he said. “That was a great source of satisfaction.”