Bill and Bonnie McIntosh


Bill and Bonnie McIntosh have helped so many young people receive their college education at Oklahoma Christian that a luncheon is held in their honor every year. It’s an occasion to let the McIntoshes meet their scholarship students and to let the students, who otherwise might not be able to attend Oklahoma Christian, thank the McIntoshes. Bill and Bonnie’s belief in Christian higher education has resulted in dozens of “their” graduates going into the world to lead purposeful lives of leadership and service.

Bill and Bonnie McIntosh moved to Oklahoma City more than 20 years ago, and their association with the university began about the same time. Today, they admire the university’s strong Bible faculty and appreciate the university’s excellent faith-based core curriculum. But, most of all, they love the university’s students.

In addition to their longtime support of the university’s scholarship program, the McIntoshes have shown their love for Oklahoma Christian in a special way. In 1997, when fire destroyed much of the university’s fine arts building, the Garvey Center, President Kevin Jacobs approached them about helping rebuild and expand the structure to better serve the students and the community. That meeting resulted in a lead gift that led to the construction of the McIntosh Conservatory inside the Garvey Center.

The McIntosh Conservatory is the centerpiece of the reconstruction. With a glass atrium that bathes the conservatory in warm, natural light, along with a fountain and tropical plants, the area has become a favorite gathering spot for students before Chapel and is used extensively by the university for receptions, meetings and other gatherings.

Truly, Bill and Bonnie McIntosh have made a difference in the history of Oklahoma Christian and are among the apples of the university’s eye.